ASIC 200

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General details for ASIC200 such as office hours, philosophy, grading, due dates can be found in the course outline link.

This page aims to collect concurrent pertinent info regarding the weekly lectures. This includes the pre-reading assignments, copies of Dave and Allen’s lecture notes, further reading, interesting links, assignment/scheduling reminders. In other words, a good place to bookmark, and check back at least once a week.

Note that we will be using a twitter hashtag for community networking. “#ASIC200” We will ask that everyone participate in this activity, so do please sign up an account at (You can even use an anonymous name if you prefer).

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(Details below pertain to pre-reading for each class unless otherwise noted)

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We meet in room 102 of the Michael Smith Building (next door to the UBC Bookstore),
from 6pm to 9pm, on thursday evenings. Doors to the building are unlocked from 5:30pm
to 6:05pm and 7:20pm to 7:40pm (for our mid class break).

Session 1: (Jan 7) Administration and Overview of Global Issues

• Introduction into course logistics.
• The “global” as a “scientific” concept (pdf of slides)
• Meet and Greet: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (BREAK in here)
• The “global” as a “social science, and humanities” concept.

Reading for after class:
– Sciencegeek Fundamentals No. 1 (link)
– Browse and familiarize yourself with the IPCC website located at: Read the AR5 “Summary for Policymakers” (pdf link) or click on the orange “Summary for Policymakers” button.
– Executive Summary, The Emissions Gap Report 2014. A UNEP Synthesis Report. The United Nations Environment Program, 2014. (pdf link)

Required viewing before January 14:
One of the videos highlighting tabletop role playing games (link) – note full RPG details here.
– ASIC 200 Climate Change Science videos parts one | two | three | four
– Dave’s lecture notes for the 4 videos (pdf)

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Session 2: (Jan 14) Climate Change Science (IPCC summary) (+RPG stuff)

• Finish zombie exercise.
• Brief overview of some of things in the IPCC AR5 Policy Summary report (pdf of slides)
Table Top RPG assignment overview – schedule link | overview link
Solo assignment #1 is due on February 4th. Link to details.
• Set up for Copenhagen simulation – each student should have their secret document + general instruction sheet (pdf).

Required viewing before January 14:
– Climate Change Arts Videos (Parts one | two | three | four)

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Session 3: (Jan 21) Copenhagen Simulation

• Copenhagen Simulation (please check twitter feed for some photo highlights – great job everyone!)
• Just for your records, the final outcome as drawn out below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.19.42 AM

Required viewing before January 28:
– Climate Change Arts Videos (Parts five | six | seven | eight | nine)

Assignment to hand in before class January 28:
– The reflection piece on the simulation that is due next week – instructions on the last page of the Copenhagen general instruction sheet (pdf). Please hand in a hardcopy of your reflection at the beginning of class.

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Session 4: (Jan 28) Climate Change lecture + RPG group setup

• Allen finishes his Climate Change lecture by talking about the Paris Agreement (COP21) – pdf of slidespdf of slides
• Groups for the RPG project were (more or less) worked out. If you were away for this, please email Dave at

Assignment to hand in before class on February 4th:
– The first Earth 2116 RPG solo assignment is due next week – instructions for this can be found here. Please bring two copies to the class (one to hand in, and the other for you to use when you discuss as a group).

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Session 5: (Feb 4) RPG Group meeting #1

• Individuals in each group will briefly introduce themselves, and then share their SOLO assignment work. Then, they will work together to world build their game setting according to the same categories as outlined in the SOLO 1 assignment. Finally, groups will start thinking about potential backstory (i.e. brainstorm some bullet point ideas for the narrative of the game).

Required reading before February 11:
“A Monk’s Flourishing Garden: The Basics of Molecular Biology Explained” The Science Creative Quarterly (link).
“Breakfast of Champions does Replication” The Science Creative Quarterly (link).

Required viewing before February 11:
– ASIC 200 Personal Genomics Science videos parts one | two | three | four
– Dave’s lecture notes for the 4 videos (pdf)

Hand in before February 11:
An electronic copy of your group’s 1st world building exercise (to Note, we won’t be marking it, we just want to make sure that it’s been done.