BARtalk #16: 1984 or 2015? A Closer Look at Bill C-51

  Thursday, March 19th, in the Gallery Lounge at UBC. Facebook RSVP.

The recently proposed anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51, has attracted controversy ever since it was introduced in Parliament on January 30. If it becomes law, Bill C-51 would significantly expand the powers of CSIS and information sharing between government and intelligence agencies. Moreover, it would also allow the police to perform more preventative arrests and grant them the power to detain individuals without charge for up to seven days. To its many opponents, Bill C-51 is dangerously flawed, and could pose a threat to civil liberties and public oversight of security services. What’s Bill C-51? Why are leading experts speaking out against this bill?

The Terry Project and The Talon UBC, along with the Alma Mater Society of UBC are pleased to present a panel discussion on Bill C-51’s constitutionality, its impact on civil liberties and civil society, and its effectiveness in countering terrorism.

Our expert panel:

**David Christopher is the communications manager and blogger for, a non-profit advocacy organization.

**Micheal Vonn is a lawyer and has been the Policy Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association since 2004.

**Jesse Housty is a prominent community organizer and an elected Heiltsuk tribal councillor.

**Margot Young is a professor of law at UBC. Her research interests include constitutional law, equality law and theory, and social welfare law.

** And moderated by Gordon Katic.

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