Generation Squeeze not Generation Screwed

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Many, if not most, of current university students and recent graduates face daunting prospects outside of the university bubble. Unemployment, high housing prices, and low wages are just some of the depressing realities that have taken a toll on young peoples’ abilities to look at their future with much hope and optimism. These issues make many people under 40 question what they personally are doing wrong and why they are failing and falling behind. Dr. Paul Kershaw, a UBC scholar who studies public policy at the School of Population and Public Health, argues that it is not personal problems that are holding people back but rather societal factors which have created a demographic – Generation Squeeze.

Listen to Sam’s interview with Professor Kershaw:

Generation Squeeze is also the name of a campaign Dr. Kershaw founded and launched with a network of others, which aims to address this problem through education and policy advocacy. While Dr. Kershaw points out that many young people feel more like ‘Generation Screwed’, he also believes that public policy can be used as a tool to push back against these burdens and that there is a way to improve. The organization Generation Squeeze has a list on their website of ways you can get involved to help reverse the squeeze:

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