The Terry Project on CiTR #32: “The Magic of the Endowment”

(Graphic Design: Jessica Mann/The Terry Project)

(Graphic Design: Jessica Mann/The Terry Project)

UBC’s president said “the magic of the Endowment is that it brings benefits not just for this generation, but for all generations.” That endowment is invested in fossil fuels, and a group of activists thinks we owe it to future generations to divest.

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  • George Hoberg, UBC Dept of Forestry, faculty coordinator of UBCC350.
  • Cohen Hocking, UBC student, student coordinator of UBCC350.


UBCC350's Infographic

UBCC350’s Infographic

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Gordon Katic (@gordonkatic) has been student coordinator for the Terry Project for over two years, and in that time started BARtalk, and the Terry Project on CiTR 101.9FM. A former Ubyssey columnist, and now a student at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism, Gordon is trying to use journalism to tell important stories about global issues.