Rest in Peace, Neil Armstrong

Growing up, Neil Armstrong’s name was synonymous to all things space related. His famous quote would be spoken of in various contexts, jokingly or seriously. If anyone had the slightest dream or goal to venture in to this field, an older person would jokingly say, “Ah, so you want to be like Neil Armstrong!” Regardless, his name, like the adventure of his lifetime, was slowly replaced with more stories that were equally unthinkable. (Of course, there’s a lot, a lot, of talk about whether this was all a conspiracy theory – but, let’s just put our faith in NASA’s words for minute).

This man passed away 5 hours ago. Although, I admittedly know almost nothing about his personal life – I do think we should take a moment to realize why his name was eternalized. In a generation where ideas are remixes of other ideas, where novel thoughts or novel actions (that aren’t trivial) are rare – he did something nobody had. Regardless of whether his walk can be considered an accomplishment, because there were far greater number of people involved in this feat than him alone, Neil Armstrong is still someone kids aspire to. He is still someone who reminds us that science and technology have come a long way. And that, if we can walk on the moon, where will our next outer space walk be?

Oh, also.

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