I know Thanks Giving officially ended over a week ago but the theme has stuck with me since. I believe everyday should be a day of thanksgiving, (would be pretty awesome if everyday was a holiday as well though haha :)) . During the thanksgiving weekend itself I was constantly asked what it is I was grateful for. As I would start to name the things I appreciated, I would realize the list is endless and that my gratitude is for the irreplaceable, priceless and often small things in life.  Or are they really small? There are things in life we take for granted simply because they are readily available to us. Water and food are classic examples. We all get hungry and thirsty but not everyone can do something about it. I am grateful for the ability to relive my hunger and quench my thirst with a variety food and beverages I like.  I am grateful for the love and support I receive from family and friends. Love and encouragement that I sometimes take for granted or let get consumed by the negativity I face from difficult people or situations.  In all seasons of life I LOVE the quote that says “ whenever you feel small or insignificant, remember you mean the world to somebody.”

Another MAJOR theme I have been thinking about is opportunity.  What I love about opportunity is it is the foundation of new beginnings; opportunity presents a new page, a fresh chapter or even a new book. In the trials I have faced, I have always been comforted and encouraged by the fact that I can learn, build and grow out of my problems. I have the opportunity to create better than I have experienced. I even have the opportunity to help someone else feel better than I have previously felt or experienced while facing certain situations. This is part of the reason I love to write songs, poetry or spoken word pieces. With music and poetry, one can use what nearly or did manage to break them to build someone else.

Another opportunity I cherish is the opportunity of education. As sleep deprived students we don’t feel so lucky, instead we feel the term ‘studying’ was derived from the terms ‘students dying’! Midterms, papers, presentations and finals seem to overwhelm us and we still have to deal with issues of life on top of all this!

Feelings aside however, education is one of the greatest gifts one can receive, it is a sustainable way of bettering one’s life,  with education those that have started with little, can end with much.

So as we study for midterms, finals and so on may we do this with the knowledge that education is a gift, a great opportunity that sadly is not available to everyone. Make the most of yours! 🙂

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