I have a story about… levitation.

There are 10 known forms of levitation.

Magnetic levitation, in which magnetic pressure is used to counteract gravity.

Electromagnetic levitation, in which electromagnetic radiation holds up an object.

Electrostatic levitation, in which a particle levitates wildly around an electrical field.

Aerodynamic levitation, in which the object is suspended by a stream of gas.

Acoustic levitation, in which sound waves keep the object up.

Gas film, in which an object is lifted by a thin layer of film, like an air hockey puck.

Optical levitation, in which a focused laser beam pushes up against the force of gravity.

Casimir force, in which micro-objects can be levitated by manipulating quantum mechanics.

Buoyant levitation, in which solid objects are made buoyant by high-pressure gases.

Levitation through “the force,” in which a ubiquitous metaphysical power which binds the galaxy together can suspend objects. No complex scientific instruments necessary, but being a Jedi helps.

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