UBC is a beautiful campus jam-packed with students and staff – a vibrant and growing community. I’ve been working on campus for 12 years and sure, I won’t lie to you, I feel pretty blessed to work at the job I do with the benefits I have, in such an wonderful natural backdrop.

But one of the other things I love is the people I meet in the job that I do. One of those people is Suzanne Jolly, who, to me, is a prime mover towards helping make UBC a healthier workplace, through many initiatives including  the Healthy UBC Newsletter and the Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program Fund.

Workers spend an average of 36.2 hours at work every week. Really, short of sleep, we spend most of our weekdays with our colleagues at work and that’s where Thrive comes in.

Suzanne, Patty Hambler and a host of other wonderful people help put together a fantastic roster of events for students, faculty and staff to celebrate healthy minds, bodies and living at UBC with a distinct focus on positive mental health. I’ll be hosting a healthy potluck in my department inviting my colleagues to kick back, share yummy recipes and connect on a personal level, putting up a lovely health related book display at the store, plus I was just about to log in to register for the Respond with Respect: Mental Health in the Workplace on October 19th…

From October 17th-21st show UBC how you Thrive.

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