New Face for the Good Old Facebook

I didn’t notice the new layout of Facebook has changed until last night. One reason is that I use Tweetdeck and that gives me few reason to ever open the Facebook page. The other one is that I set my language to by English UK. So when my friends started complaining about the new layout, I didn’t notice a thing. Aha! The language of Shakespeare, powerful enough to banish the Carrionites, is my saving grace again! That was what I thought the night before.

Unfortuanately, Facebook is way more persistent and thorough than some petty evil Carrionites.

Do I like it? Not exactly.The News Ticker, or the automatically-stalking-your-friends feed, is really annoying me. I use Facebook with caution, meaning that I don’t just add anyone as my friend. Only those that I care about and actually know them better than just “taken a class together” or “met in a party”. So yes, I’d like to know their activies and thoughts from time to time. But not ALL THE TIME and certainly not about EVERYTHING.

Now thanks to Facebook, I know on whose wall my friends commented and what random pages they like and lots of other minute things about their online life that I rather not pay attention to.Keeping in touch with my friends is NOT stalking my friends!

I kind of understand what Facebook Team was thinking about, to make Facebook users more connected and “help” users get more information about their friends. But there is a limit. I don’t stalk people, not in real life and certainly not on some virtual community like Facebook. Why would Facebook think that everyone needs to know about everything about every friend they have? That’s a puzzle at the moment for me, and apparently for lots of other Facebook users.

How did I know that? Read the new ticker on the right handside corner……here is a thought I have on people complaining about news ticker: while they complain that they hate the distraction of news ticker, they are really distracting other people from hating the distraction. [This is the best I can do with words, it was a much better thought in my head]

However, the top story and recent updates are always on the page and I don’t have to switch from one to another like before. That’s something I actually like. Yet this little benefit does not offset the frustration with news ticker….

I do hope that there is an option to turn the new ticker thingy off, or at least I can choose what to appear there.

Until then, I shall stay away from the facebook page and dwell in my little Tweetdeck cave.

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