What do you want to talk about? TEDxTerry Talks!

Now that it’s almost a month in since Imagine 2011 and hitting hard at your textbooks and assignments, which I’m sure is the case, let me take you back to Imagine Day.  Let’s really think about what really took place during this day.  Mostly good stuff actually: 6000 new students took their first steps at UBC.  They got amazed at the sight of it all.  Overwhelmed at all the great opportunities some of which they are going to take advantage of.  Now I say this with great hope that all of you will get involved in at least one club and start making your trace at UBC.  So take advantage of clubs days that’s happening now in the Student Union Building.

On a different note, we know that you all come from different backgrounds and you bring in diversity to this campus.  The Terry Project values your experience and culture.  We know you have stories out there, stories that you told when you wrote you application to UBC.  Stories that you will never forget and that highlight who you are.  This is the moment to start writing your story in this new chapter.

You know what else?  The Terry Project has an amazing platform: a platform where you can stand up share your story to UBC’s most fascinating story.

The Terry Project is now accepting applications for speakers for the TEDx Terry Talks 2011 — a student run and student led conference that will change your way of thinking, inspire you, and most of all leave you more passionate.

November 5 2011 – TEDx Terry Talks 2011.  Mark your calendars.

For more details on how to apply to be a speaker and how to attend the event go to http://www.terry.ubc.ca/tedxterrytalks/

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