Summer Reading – Share a Book Review!

As summer gently rolls along, there’s nothing more relaxing than hanging out on the beach and reading a good book. Especially if that scene is accompanied by a bottle of wine.

I recently finished reading The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz, who left an international banking job in her 20’s to start the Acumen Fund. Today, Acumen operates as a social venture capital fund, investing millions of dollars and providing business coaching to promising enterprises around the world. Novogratz coined the term “patient capital”, suggesting that the problems of the world could be solved through business, but that the approach investors must take to realize success will require understanding, collaboration with local cultures, and most importantly, patience. Definitely a good read if you’re looking for some inspiration!

Just a couple of days ago I picked up the book Five Seconds at a Time by Denis Shackel. Although I’m not usually a fan of business and leadership books, Shackel presents an interesting perspective. He argues that successful leadership is not about a position, but about disposition. What sets successful leaders apart – what enables them to make the impossible possible – is personal character, authenticity, and integrity. I can’t wait to finish this and start working on my personal development plan!

What are you reading?? Share something you’d recommend and maybe provide a quick review.

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5 Responses to “Summer Reading – Share a Book Review!”

  1. Waterdog

    Just today I finished Atwood’s “After the Flood”, a companion novel to her earlier “Oryx and Crake”. Both set in a near dystopian future, this one reveals a lot more of the declining society that set the stage for the end of the world. The sad thing about it is that comparing the flashbacks pre- and post-flood (a figurative flood), it’s not obvious which is worse. The scary part is how believable this future world is.

    Optimistic it isn’t. But an insightful and valuable warning of the path we’re on, nevertheless. I’d like some of our world leaders to read it.

  2. KR

    I just posted some great travel books on my blog: Check them out!

    Waterdog – I read “Oryx and Crake” and really enjoyed it. I am going to have to pick up “After the Flood” to read on the ferry this week-end.

  3. Shawn Forde

    When I was at the World Cup I picked up a few books about soccer and Africa. The two I have read so far are:

    Feet of the Chameleon
    Africa United

    Both are fairly similar. They tell soccer related stories from various African countries. I would recommend them for soccer enthusiasts.

  4. Florin Gheorghe

    I just picked up Ishmael… AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! And I’m only 20 pages in. I hear this one will blow your (and my) mind, and I will make sure to confirm this once it has occurred.

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