imagine1day Presents ‘Liv’n it Up’

Posted on behalf of UBC Alumna Jocelyn Ling of imagine1day.

Are you liv’n large in life or playing it small? What if the creation of the best possible life that you can live can change you as much as it changes another community?

Liv’n it up is an event on August 11 that is part of ImagineEthiopia, a journey of adventure, global stewardship and sacred connection.

It is hosted by, a local non-profit organization founded by Shannon Wilson that provides opportunity for donors to be directly connected to projects that provide primary education for all children in Ethiopia, Africa. The goal is to raise $100,000 where 100% of the funds go directly to the initiative of creating a completely sustainable primary school system. Not a cent goes to the administrative overhead, made possible by a generous endowment fund through lululemon’s founded Chip and Shannon Wilson.

The organization is unique as it is a space where all interactions are an exchange of value. It is a community where all participants are empowered through their involvement.

Project Background (from

In Ethiopia, improving basic education is a vital component of the country’s development, a concept clearly recognized by the government of Ethiopia. In line with the Education for All (EFA), and Millennium Declaration, Ethiopia set out to achieve some of the six goals under the EFA Dakar framework. Specifically, the government set about achieving the goals of universal access and completion of primary education, and a 50% reduction in adult illiteracy by 2015 under a 20 year Education Sector Development Program (ESDP), implemented in 1997.

After Somalia, Ethiopia requires the second-highest average annual rate of increase in net enrolment and attendance in Eastern and Southern Africa if it is to meet the Millennium Development Goal of gender parity in primary education by 2015 (UNICEF 2006). It is estimated that over 200,000 classrooms need to be built to provide access for the over 3 million children out of school and to reduce the classroom student/teacher ratios to acceptable levels. The burden is large but achievable with a dedicated and committed effort.

Why Education?

Because education is a basic human right.
Because it is the one right that leads to achieving all other human rights.
Because an educated population forms the backbone of every society.

Why liv’n it up?

Liv’n it up is a session that will help individuals help themselves.

As one of the 18 participants, Susanne Conrad, Director of Possibility at Lululemon, Nia Brown belt and international inspirationalist is raising her individual portion through a creative contribution (creatribution). The best thing about this event is that Susanne will inspire you, change you, and all this while, you know that you are contributing to change a community in Africa and connecting with like-minded people around you.

Individuals interested in liv’n it up and learning about the cause of imagine1day and can sign up at:

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