Are you at UBC today and noticing that everyone in your lab/office is munching on something small and blue? It’s with excitement and blueberry stains all over my shirt that I announce UBC Blueberry Fest happening all this week in front of the bookstore 9am-1pm!

Come enjoy some fresh BC blueberries all week long. They’ve got blueberries from the farm by the flat at super good prices, blueberry pancakes, Fair Trade Certified Ethical Bean coffee, UBC Farm blueberry salad, live music, free recipes, blueberry yogurt parfait, blueberry crepes, and lots of other goodies!

Don’t miss this! Spread the word. How many BC blueberries can YOU eat this week?

UPDATE: photos sent in by Terry reader Sara Pour!

UPDATE: A Blueberry Fest testimonial from UBC’s very own Johannes Rebane

“Whenever we at UBC dare pass the thought that we aren’t a cultural centre across our minds, the Blueberry Festival swiftly comes along to dispel that myth. Screaming the true blue colour of the Thunderbirds, and embodying the sweet rich tastes of our history, the blueberries at the festival are attractions not to be missed. From pancake to creme brulee to musicians to simply sitting on the stairs and gorging on little bits of blue heaven, you really feel at home at this festival. And, of course, we are able to reflect deeper on our roots, as the berry’s blue outside and green inside allows us to focus on our university’s new sustainability strategy. All in all, I recommend!”

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2 Responses to “BLUE YUM ALERT!”

  1. Frank Zweegers

    Yeah the blueburry … I am at work now but when I saw your post I just stood up and went to the store to buy some 🙂 And now my hands and my mouth are blue 😉

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