Forgetting your Mug can Still Save the Environment

Only recently have I finally gotten into the habit of bringing my water bottle everywhere I go.  It has taken me a while, but I’ve done it.

In our own personal efforts to ‘go green’ and save money, its pretty much the standard for University students to carry around water bottles and coffee mugs to keep us hydrated (and awake).  For the forgetful ones among us, though, here’s an interesting article I stumbled across.

Microbiologists at the University of Manitoba have discovered, and are fine-tuning, a way to use used coffee cups as a means of producing ethanol and hydrogen fuel.  Apparently, when treated correctly, paper pulp from such cups can be used as fodder for the microbacteria that are required for the fuel-making process.


Yes, I know this isn’t enough of a breakthrough to convince us to start leaving our coffee mugs at home, but it definitely isn’t bad news.  It’s another reason to start being more conscious of, and perhaps more creative with, what we do to our waste.  Outside of the U of M campus, no one else is really collecting coffee cups.  Perhaps we should?

Further, it’s always great to know that advancements are being made towards a healthier Terry.  It’s a much better investment than, let’s say, something like this.

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Andre Coronado is a UBC Political Science undergrad who is passionate about fighting homelessness, tinkering with statistics, and experimenting with food. He is an aspiring mountain climber and currently works part-time at Science World.