Thinking Critically About our Diet

Gordon Katic says:

What is critical thinking? What isn’t critical thinking? How do we know if our convictions have been arrived at by sound reasoning or simply by indoctrination? I’ve invited Professor Steve Joordens on to the program today to share his insights on critical thought, particularly in regards to our diet. Professor Joordens is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto in Scarborough and a finalist in this year’s TV Ontario Best Lecturer competition. We spoke for approximately 30 minutes regarding a variety of topics, from university, to slavery, to vegetarianism. I think you’ll find it quite eye opening.

[Listen to mp3]

I would also like to invite you to go to where you can view Professor Joordens lecture. If you find it interesting, I would advise you to vote for it. Voting closes Sunday night at 8pm EST. By voting you will enter yourself into a draw for a large amount of electronics, valued at $5,000.

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