Final Terry Tales on April 12th!! You’re really not going to want to miss this. Seriously.

Terry lovers, the time has come for the final Terry Tales event of the semester! (It’s hard to say that without a hankerchief handy) This term has been incredible. We’ve heard stories about everything from the power of silence, to raising dairy goats, to google bombing, to facilitating difficult conversations and learning from those within our community, to even learning about the precautionary principle in class, and living under a power line in real life. We’ve been building and growing with each gathering, and each time we’ve been completely amazed and humbled by your beautiful stories. Thank you for opening yor heart to us throughout the semester, and participating in this delightful experiment!

It’s been an experiment that’s taught us that when you throw a group of strangers together, it’s always possible to find a point of common connection. In fact, anything you bring up- from fencing to the ethics of journalism, will spark multiple different threads of thought.

And so, in celebration of all things good and interdisciplinary, it’s time to party folks. And we’re going to celebrate Terry style, by doing one of our favourite things from TEDx Terry Talks: watch new TED videos together! (you remember, it’s just different on the big screen).

Here are the relevant details below:

Where: The Presentation Centre at the Centre for Student Involvement (that’s in Brock Hall, main level)

When: 5pm till about 8pm (but no fear! you can leave anytime)

And will there be food? : Cookies and Tea most definitely. We’ll watch a couple of talks, migrate to the CSI Lounge for snacks, return back to the Presentation Centre to watch videos once more, and then – well…you get the idea. So there will be plenty of time to chatter over chai!

How do I tell you I’m coming?: You can RSVP on our handy dandy Facebook page found here: And we’ll plan treats around attendance, so please make sure you do this step!

See you then.

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Shagufta is a UBC Political Science graduate with a passion for interdisciplinary thinking, writing, travel, reading, tea, and interesting conversations. She hopes to combine all of these things in her life work someday. For now though, she studies social policy and planning at the University of Toronto and shares her adventures in and out of the classroom at