Randomly March(ing toward summer!)

It has been three months since I last contributed to Terry* and like the inconsistent blogger I am, I felt it was time for another edition for my random posts. As always, it will be an olio (crossword word) of thoughts and ideas.

Perspectives on life:
As I slowly meet more people and get to know their approach to life, I realize that there seemingly is a divide between those who are optimist/idealist and those who are pessimist/realist. The old adage “expect the worst, hope for the best” has never seemed so prevalent in discussions about global and personal issues.   From the situation in Afghanistan, the state of our political system to the definition of love and the extent of ambitions, I have discovered that it’s not possible to really understand another person’s view point on what life is.  I love discussions, and stress the need to share and be open to new ideas.  When you think out life or issues in your own head, I find that you tend to spiral into a tunnel until you become stubbornly entrenched in your own stance.  University, and human relations in general, is an attempt to step out of our own logic and mind.  For me anyway.

The importance of words and music:
Recently, I’ve been introduced to some new music (e.g. the flaming lips and joel plaskett). I’ve only begun to appreciate the phenomenon of poetry set to sound. Though I’ve always listened music, I’m hopelessly tone-deaf and can’t remember lyrics for the life of me. So I have a somewhat eclectic mix of music, from rock to indie to broadway to jazz to disney. I find myself slowly becoming one of those people who like to ask “so what kind of music do you listen to?”

Being Asian:
Posts on Terry* are generally thought-provoking and I just read one on being asian. Vancouver and UBC both have a significant Asian population, that much is clear. However identity politics are always present. Personally I find it interesting that I am identified as Asian by the majority of people I meet, yet other Chinese people often see me as a twinkie (yellow on the outside and white on the inside) – a common expression in these parts. This weekend I’m going to Seattle, and will use my American passport to get in and my Canadian one to get out. I’m up for a position (not likely to get) of Border Services Officer for the Canadian government. I don’t read or write or speak Chinese often. Yet I understand the language and culture, and I am 100% ethnically Chinese. What can I bring to the rest of my life, I wonder, that is representative of who I am? Our identity, ethnicity included, is intricate and complex – no matter the colour of our skin or the place of our birth.

Involvement in extra-curriculars:
Currently I practice kali, volunteer in a grade one french immersion program, take a full course load, and just started doing yoga/dance bootcamp classes. Yet I wonder if I am doing enough with my life. I am minimally involved with on campus clubs, and will attend IRSA events as they come up. As I surround myself with those much more motivated than I, I can’t help but think if I should switch gears. Who knows? I guess I am blogging for Terry* right now…

Random sites/articles to share: houses built from shipping containers, NYT times skimmer, good infographics, how to write a memoir, Slate.com’s analysis of US health care reform, funny customer stories.

Sorry for all the links. And we’re so close to summer!

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Tiffany is twenty and a citizen of two and a third countries. She is firmly unscientific in her thoughts, preferring the arts even though she got better grades in science during high school. She is not exactly sure what she's doing at UBC (it must needs do with learning, growing?) but there she is. IR and French are her focus- but then again she is sort of unfocused in general.