Tiffany says:

“Have you ever thought about what $1 can do? Get a cookie from Blue Chip? Here’s a chance to do a social experiment to see how combining $1, passionate people, and voting can become a chemical reaction for change. The UBC Dollar Project and the Global Lounge presents The Briefing – the first ever UBC conference where you decide the outcome.

This is a conference where all participants donate a minimum of $1 in return for a vote. 15 charitable causes will present 5 minute pitches to sway the participants’ hearts. The cause that gets the most votes wins all the donations. What better way to learn about some of the amazing causes in the UBC community and get involved? Join a cause, join the passion, make a difference!

It’s easy to say that small, individual actions don’t matter, but it’s way more exciting to prove it false. Imagine if every UBC member donated $1, that would be at least $56,000 for charities. Simple as that. The UBC Dollar Project shows how collective action can change the world. One dollar at a time.

This won’t happen without you! Get involved now…

1. Apply now to win funding and win support for a cause you are passionate about! See our website for more details. Applications are accepted on a “first come first served” model. So apply early!

2. Register for the conference on our website!

3. Invite your friends to the event (and on facebook)! Please help us promote by sending this along to your friends and contacts.

So here are the juicy details…

Date: April 8, 2010
Time: 12 noon to 2 pm
Place: UBC Vancouver campus”

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