Don’t Wait – INNOVATE

Want to hear about how INNOVATION is changing our world, and our future?

The Integrated Sciences Students Association is presenting INNOVATE: an integrative conference discussing innovation and technology in the 21st century. This conference hopes to inspire delegates to explore novel technology ideas as well as avenues to utilize existing technologies in new ways, to create individual, local and global solutions, while considering social, economical and sustainable policies. Come hear stories about how leaders in the field of international development, energy, and sustainability are shaping our world, and how YOU can create change, today!
Alexis MacIntosh – a veteran in the field of renewable energy, Alexis has worked with a number of start-up high tech companies. Alexis holds multiple patents on methods that produce solid biofuels from waste.

James Stuart – a serial entrepreneur, James developed the Cube, a 12′ x 12′ x 12′ home that includes a full bedrooom, washroom, kitchen, and den/guest room. It’s designed to be economically and sustainably constructed.

Naeem Mawji – founder of the Kuwasha project, Naeem has worked with a number of organizations tasked with improving quality of life in Africa. The Kuwasha project aims to provide clean, safe, and sustainable solar lighting in rural African communities.

Geoff Costeloe – the first ever vice-chair of UBC Vancouver’s senate, Geoff founded UBC MIX. The program brings together students from diverse disciplines to collaborate on academic projects and was inducted into the Clinton Global Initiative University.

Saturday March 13th, 2010

9:30am- 4:30pm

Forest Sciences Center, UBC

Register online at:

Cost: FREE!

Space is limited, so register early!

Snacks and Lunch will be provided.

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Geoff is a 5th year student who studying a double major in Integrated Science (Evolutionary ecology, virology) and Political Science. He was the 'Wish' speaker at the 2008 Terry Talks and is passionate about university education, especially when it comes to interdisciplinary experiences. After graduation Geoff wants to find a job that allows him to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and share stories. If your savvy enough you can follow Geoff on Twitter - user: gcosteloe.

2 Responses to “Don’t Wait – INNOVATE”

  1. Rob Tate

    Hi Geoff –

    Sorry I didn’t find this until just today, after the fact! How did it go? Always intrigued to find new channels into the wacky world of global Open Innovation!


  2. Geoff Costeloe

    It went great Rob,
    You can check out my presentation on my website. It doesn’t have audio but you might be able to garner some cool ideas from it.

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