Interdisciplinary Soup for Lunch

Terry* is all about sharing perspectives.  On our big university campus, and in our increasingly burdened lives, how often do we get a chance to have a meaningful conversation about things that matter with someone very different from yourself?  NOT OFTEN – or if you do you’re lucky.  Mostly, I talk to the same couple people – and yes, sometimes even my dog – about the deadlines, dilemmas, and ideas that occupy my daily existence.  Terry* is a nice place to come if you want to hear from someone new.  Today, I also realized that there’s another vibrant hub of interdisciplinarity on campus – the lunch time soup at Sprouts.


Picture from: UBC Insiders

Sprouts is the cafe/grocery which is run by the Natural Food Coop, an AMS club, located in the SUB basement.  You can read about the tumultuous (and victorious) history of Sprouts here. But, what you really need to know is that Sprouts is all about soup. The soups sells out everyday. There aren’t enough seats, so you’ve got to share your lunch with strangers. Today, I ate my lunch with an architect student and a student from Geography – who hailed from someone unknown place in Britain.  Mixing organic ingredients in different ways to make delicious soups/treats is a really great metaphor what’s also happening at Sprouts with people.  You can feel the energy of the place – and see the real value of mixing things up.

Actually, Sprouts is about a lot more then just soup.  We’ve featured Sprout’s Community Eats events before here at Terry* and to find out more, you should go to:

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Joanne often gets really excited when she talks about Science. Luckily, she works in the Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory, the educational arm of the Michael Smith Labs. She likes all kinds of science but has a special spot in her heart for biology, technology, and well, sports. As a scientist and educator at UBC, she hopes that she never becomes so specialized that she loses her global perspective. (When she gets around to writing an intro post, I'm sure that she'll link to it here).