So… What did you think of this year’s TEDx Terry talks?


Just curious…

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6 Responses to “So… What did you think of this year’s TEDx Terry talks?”

  1. Carly

    It was brilliant! This is definitely something I’m going to go to every year. I really needed this, if only just to remind me that students like myself do want to contribute and CAN contribute to society in meaningful ways. Great job everyone!

  2. Joseph

    In a word: awesome. Plus, it’s not everyday that a lecture hall full of people make Chewbacca sounds!

  3. Petra

    It was great. It reminded us how powerful thinking and learning outside of school curriculum can be.

  4. Mansi

    It was a fantastic experience, inspiring as EVER!

    Kudos to all those, who are already thinking outside the box, who want to and who have been motivating others to do so! 🙂

  5. Mike

    Outstanding performances, this group of speakers surpassed even last years incredible line up. With the ideas of the speakers buzzing in my head, I found all manner of other topics from various corners of my brain coming into focus.

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