I stumbled upon this blog while searching for dry ice in Nigeria and it has kept me awake from
4am till now (its about 6am) as a Nigerian born bred and living in Nigeria I am always facinated
By an opportunity to see us from anothers eyes. I read about David and Sams trip to UniLag and got
a good laugh, yep I remember those days when things were that baaad, and that was one of our best (is
one) universities, you should have seen mine, where the students had more cars than the entier village
Population lecturers inclusive, and there were actually less than 10 cars or my first (and last) trip
to the computer 101 class to find out alas there was no computer, not one! And we were over
T300 students crammed into a class built for 30. But we made it out, we became doctors, lawyers
Bankers etc Nigerians we don’t die oh! We multiply… Well keep blogging its a good to hear honest views
P.s even I get scared in the airport, foreigner or native non is immune from being fleeced or flat out robbed