The Chess Game Begins

The chess game that is the Federal Election is off to an interesting start.
Whether you love him or hate him, Stephen Harper is one of the best political tacticians this country has ever seen. One day after Ignatieff’s decision to cease support for the minority government, Harper has put the Liberal leader in a tough spot. According to Bob Rae the Liberals will put forward a non confidence motion as early as possible. This wouldn’t be until October 1st.

However, the Conservatives have a plan (they always do). You may have seen ads on TV for the Home Renovation Tax Credit. This part of the stimulus plan for the country after the recession. It allows home owners to receive up to $1600 back when they spend up to $10000 on their home renos (details here). Here’s the catch: the money to provide for the reimbursements hasn’t been passed yet. Furthermore, because it is a budgetary motion, it will be a confidence vote in the house.

The Liberals had previously announced their support for the popular program and to back out of it now would be very politically damaging to them. They are caught in a trap of their own words then. They’ve promised to support the HRTC and also promised to vote against the government as soon as possible. Either way they are going to have to eat their words.

The Conservative machine has already got down to business.

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