Compare and contrast A)
Author Geoff Costeloe (Terry’s author description page)
…”After graduation Geoff wants to find a job that is global in scope and will let him travel the world.”

with B)
“Miggy’s past isn’t going to help him out much either. It would appear that the Liberals are a fan of the bumbling professor politician. The wanna be PM has help[sic] highly regarded positions at Oxbridge followed by Harvard. The result? He hasn’t been living in the country and paying taxes since 1978. As I said before, I think that Conservative attacks on Iggy will have limited effect in this election, but his ‘unCanadian’ past certainly won’t help the leader of the Liberals.”

Wow. How fantastically hypocritical of you, Geoff. When you go off in search of your job please do remember to leave your passport at the border. I’m also interested to note that you equate “fiscally responsibility” with “not raising taxes”. So you are arguing that when Harper raised income taxes and lowered the GST in 2006 (and again in 2007) that he was being fiscally responsible. Many, many (real) economists would disagree.

[BTW I’m neither a Liberal nor a Miggy supporter, to save you effort of an obvious retort.]