Opportunity: Reduce UBC’s Carbon Footprint and Win $ 5000!

Interested in climate change? There is an awesome campus contest going on right now to help reduce UBC’s Carbon Footprint. I checked out the website, and learnt that the UBC Steam Plant produces approximately 58 000 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions annually heating the buildings at the UBC Vancouver Campus. They worked out the math, and that’s the same amount of GHGs as getting into your car and driving from Vancouver to Toronto… 94 462 times!

Crazy. More details about the contest can be found below.


Calling all students, staff, faculty, researchers and residents:

Help UBC become the World’s first “net-positive energy and water campus”.

Enter the UBC Alternative Energy X contest: $10,000 in total prizes!

Check out the full contest details and enter at:


If you have any questions, please e-mail xcontest@utilities.ubc.ca.

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