UBC’s Climate Action Plan

What’s your vision for how UBC can tackle the challenges of climate change on campus? On March 13th, 2008, President Toope, along with BC’s five other university presidents signed the University and College Climate Change Statement of Action for Canada. This statement commits universities to commence a collaborative planning process to develop an institutional climate action plan. Today, I got an email from the UBC Climate Action Plan team that says,

We want to hear from you! Bring your expertise, ideas and insights and help us shape a clear vision for climate action at UBC. The vision will be a beacon to guide the development and subsequent implementation of our climate action plan.

source: http://climateaction.ubc.ca/


In ASIC 200, the PBL (problem based learning) assignments on climate change were handed in during class tonight. So, do any of you ASIC-ers think that there ideas from those assignments that you could bring to these UBC Climate Action Plan consultations? It seems like the timing is perfect.

If you’ve got ideas, you could register to attend one of these workshops:
Evening vision workshop: 5-7pm Tuesday March 17th
Daytime vision workshop: 9-11 am Friday March 20th
Townhall meeting: 5-7 pm Tuesday March 31st

If you can’t go to these workshops, you can also give feedback online at climateaction.ubc.ca. I think it will be interesting to see the results from these workshops and eventually, see what comes forward as the vision for UBC’s first plan of action for climate change. What do the rest of you Terry* readers think? Should we go to the vision workshop or head to the pub on St. Patrick’s Day?

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