Designs for a Sustainable World Competition (so game on!)


Mike from EWB says:

“What do a bicycle-powered water pump, a combination washer/irrigation system, and a mobile solar cooker have in common? They were all designed by students like you, following the noble vision of a world without poverty. As DSW participants, they were guided by a simple philosophy: sustainable designs will improve the lives of impoverished people around the world. If you want to build the next big thing in sustainable design — to improve people’s lives through sheer ingenuity — sign up now! Its free, and students from any faculty can apply. In teams of 1-8, you will be given a specific problem description, including social, economic, and political factors. You will have three weeks to brainstorm with your colleagues. On March 19, teams will spend five hours outside the SUB implementing their designs, using only a few tools and a big pile of junk (all materials provided by us).

Please visit for more information. The deadline for teams to apply is february 12th! ”

Plus Mike says that they’re especially on the look out right now for folks outside of the Faculty of Applied Science (that’s you science and arts types)

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