(2008) How Would Darwin Vote? (WISH TALK): Geoff Costeloe

How would Darwin vote? Geoff Costeloe from terrytalks on Vimeo.

Name: Geoff Costeloe

Talk Title: “How would Darwin vote?”

Notes: Faculty of Science, Integrated Science, Double Major in Integrated Sciences and Political Science, 4th year. Science Senator, UBC Science Undergraduate Society

Topic: “For all my time in Biology classes, studying evolution and natural selection, rarely were the theories presented by Darwin ever used to look at things other than biological systems. Likewise, biological systems were rarely looked at as models for political theory. I’ve always had a habit of doing this in my Poli-Sci classes to help me understand information. Therefore, I’m big on the idea of trying to bring science students into politics and vice versa. We should try to engage students about the topics that are facing our world and foster the debate between Arts students and Science students.”

Wish: (sign up on the facebook group)
‘IF’ stands for Integrated Forum. It is the means through which my wish will hopefully be achieved. It is primarily a website based initiative that tries to accomplish two main goals:

1. To be a resource that provides links to basic information about topics in science, and politics. The basics of DNA, science of global warming, how the Canadian government functions etc.

2. To be a place of communication between disciplines where students can engage one another and discuss issues from all sides of academia.

I realize that the concept of the site is similar to that of the Terry webpage but there are some distinct differences between the two. The hope is that IF can be implemented into several courses around campus. This will both work as an advertisement to students about the resources available on the site. Classrooms will hopefully then move to become increasingly interdisciplinary and produce results that are better for our school and our society.

The semester end conclusion of IF would be a conference inviting students who have actively participated in the site and discussions on campus. Invitations would also be sent out to UBC professors and researchers, local politicians and hopeful one ‘celebrity’ invitee. A test run in March or April of 2009 and a full event in 2010 as it will likely take some time to get the site set up and classes/faculties onboard.

The hope is to increase communication between the faculties, and an interactive approach will best achieve this.

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3 Responses to “(2008) How Would Darwin Vote? (WISH TALK): Geoff Costeloe”

  1. Scott Newson

    Hmm, it would seem that I can’t play this movie on my computer as it requires codecs that would be illegal for me to have. I’m currently running Ubuntu Linux which is free to use but by extension can’t pay for the media codecs that other operating systems (such as Windows or Mac) do.
    Now I have two choices here, first I can do some quick downloading and break a couple questionable rules and make my computer play the provided file… or I can pretend that I’m an upstanding citizen and ask if it would be possible to have the provided movies recoded into a more accessible format.
    My preferred choice would be to use a free and open source encoding such as Ogg Theora http://www.theora.org/ which would keep the talk legally open to all. I’m afraid I can’t immediately say how bet to go about this as I don’t know what format the original files are in or what media programs are available, but I’d expect there to be multiple helpful walkthroughs of the process somewhere on the internet and I’d be happy to help figure out a process with whoever has the files.scott.g.newson (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. David Ng

    Hi Scott

    These files were created with Final Cut Express and then exported as a Quicktime .mov file. If you can let me know a different format to export whilst in Final Cut that would be playable on your computer then let me know and I’ll do that right away. I can also put on YouTube, but will probably have to break it up into two halves. Alternatively, if you want to do the conversion and then pass on that file to me, I can place it on the web.

    Anyway, let me know and we’ll go from there.

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