Good Morning

Welcome to the first December of the rest of your life.

Classes are (sort of) over, and I (almost) have free time! I figure now is a good time to introduce myself. I’m John. I’m in my 4th year (of 5, probably) of a double major in music theory and composition. I spend a great deal of my time playing and listening to weird music… and sometimes not-so-weird music too. When I’m not playing or listening, I’m probably thinking about weird music. Some of this will likely show up in later posts. For now I might just stick with 5 or so things about me to give you an idea of who I am:

1. Instruments!

I play a few of them… violin, viola, piano, electric bass, musical saw….

2. I have a great cure for hiccups.

Just bend over as far as you can at the waist and have a sip of water. Works every time.

3. I lived in Brazil for 10 months.

My dad took a sabbatical there when I was 9. We lived on an acreage about 10 minutes outside a city called Sao Carlos, about an hours drive from Sao Paulo. I’m slowly losing my memories of it (sad how that happens, no?), but it’s left a fairly strong impression on me.

4. I work in the library.

Well, sort of. I’m an “Academic Peer Assistant”, and I work at the desk in the Chapman Learning Commons in IKBLC. If you happen to be in there and you see someone at the desk with curly brown hair, glasses, a dazed expression on his face, and probably a wool sweater, say hi. Actually, say hi to anyone at the desk… they’re all swell people, and the desk is sometimes a lonely place.

5. I am fond of wool sweaters.

Well, wool in general. I might be addicted. If they made wool underwear, I’d probably wear it. Maybe not. But wool is just so warm and comfy, even in wet weather… sometimes happens in Vancouver. When the apocalypse comes and there’s no more electricity, you’ll all wish you had more wool.

6.  Most Wednesday nights find me at the Anza Club.

Every Wednesday except the last of the month is Psych Night at the Anza (Ontario and 8th).  DJs spin amazing psych rock, from Hendrix and Sabbath to obscure Czech bands you’ll never hear of again, from 10pm until long after everyone should be in bed.  It’s in the lounge downstairs… so it’s basically going for beer with friends in a super chill place with an amazing radio station.  And it rules.  Forget Pit Night and check this out.

I suppose I’ll quote one of my teachers at the end of his lectures:  “Well… I guess that’s all.”  Good luck with exams everyone, and don’t give up on sleep.


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John Kastelic is a fourth year music student, majoring in composition and music theory. His main instrument these days is the viola, but likes to make strange noises with anything he can get his hands on. His biggest pet peeves are people taking themselves too seriously and people who don't move to the back of the bus.