Something I totally forgot to tell you about: Skewed Magazine, the unofficial visual arts magazine of UBC

Skewed Magazine is UBC’s unofficial visual arts magazine, and it’s pretty freaking awesome.

I’m not saying this just because they featured some work of mine in their first issue (check it out here – pdf), or because I’m writing a feature article for their next issue (due to come out Nov 10 – Learn how to submit your work here)

I’m saying this because I was bloody excited to see this on their about page:

Skewed is a free online art magazine, aimed mainly at creating an opportunity for UBC students to showcase their talent and original work, creating chances for cross-communication between the different departments and disciplines, as well as providing inspiration for both readers and contributors alike. [emphasis added]

So listen up science folk – I’ve been tossing around a few ideas concerning how the natural sciences and the visual arts can bed one other, but I want to hear from you any ideas you might have.

EDIT: They’re on Facebook too!  Here’s their group.  Join it.

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