Barack Wins, Gays Lose.

Last night, gay marriage was banned in Arizona, California (well, it’s close), and Florida while gays were denied the right to adopt children in Arkansas (source).  Discuss amongst yourselves.  

Oh, and:

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6 Responses to “Barack Wins, Gays Lose.”

  1. Timon

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, I guess. It’s actually pretty disheartening.

    The election of Obama seems significant, but I’m not sure that his presidency is going to be all that transformational. I mean, the White House may not be mind-blowingly sucktastic any more, but that’s not really an accomplishment is it? My thought is that a progressive agenda will only really have legs if the email army that’s been raised can be focused on three or four specific issues that have specific endpoint goals (random example that probably wouldn’t make the cut: food security > everybody find a way to grow their own produce. Tell your friends!). Hopefully there’s still some unity to capitalize on once the demands of actually governing have taken hold.

  2. Dave S

    The democrats will get plenty accomplished now that they have the presidency, and majorities in the senate and congress. However, your point RE: the email army is a good one – how progressive can the country be if there isn’t a strong grass roots movement to support national policy making?

  3. bubba

    How pathetic, the guy isn’t even in office yet and you’re blaming him for something that the voters passed into law. shame on you for emmulating the haters that keep the gays down. You want to blame some one for denying gays the “right” to be married and more importantly, enjoy all the bennefits, “tax, insurance, legal, and financial”, that hetro couples enjoy, then i suggest you aim your malcontent at the religous masses. For it is they that dictate what is acceptable in this society not the one poor person, (i say person because i hope to also see our first woman president in my life time) that resides in the oval office. I can relate though, i am affected every time the “people” decide to play with our second amendment rights. I know this is a human rights issue that has no constitutional backing “Yet” but they get away with picking away at my right to protect my family and property and worse thing is they pat each other on the back and say good job guy, we are all safer now. The gay community needs to be patient and vigilent. keep fighting for equal rights, but don’t expect an easy victory. Women fought for a very long time just to be able to vote or own land. Blacks fought for over 100 years to have equal employment rights and housing rights to name but a few. The gay community has been actively lobbying for marriage rights for what 3 years? 10? Go ahead and try to insult me, say i don’t know what i’m talking about, say “you wouldn’t understand”, whatever you want but the fact remains i support equal rights for ALL citizens of this nation, i just think you’re blaming the wrong guy.

  4. Dave Semeniuk

    Bubba, I think you grossly misread what I wrote. No where did I write, or even begin to imply, “Barack took away gay rights.” The point of comparing the two was, or so I thought, fairly obvious: a large majority of Californians can elect the US’s first president of a visual minority while heavily discriminating against the sexual orientation of another group.

    I think Timon summed things up nicely in his above comment, “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” (i.e. the more things change, the more they stay the same).

  5. Animalover

    Yeah right, like obama would actually ban gay marrige, oh and by the way, how much did it cost to docter that photo… OBAMAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

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