Voter Apathy: some numbers to think about.

% Voter turnout for 2008 Canadian Election: 51

% Voter turnout for 2004 Afghan Election: 70 (source)

% Voter turnout for 2005 Iraqi Election: 80 (source)

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4 Responses to “Voter Apathy: some numbers to think about.”

  1. Angeli


    Sometimes it seems like we deserve to have a Harper government…

  2. banksy91

    Very deceiving numbers.

    To clarify the voter turnout for the Afghan election was 70% of REGISTERED VOTERS (look closer on the wiki site). The literacy rate in Afghanistan is only 28%. That means at the most (and most likely less) the turnout rate was 20% or so.

    I am presuming that the Iraqi number of 80% for turnout is likewise inflated for most likely similar reasons though the literacy rate in Iraq is much higher.

  3. Katie

    True as either of those statements may be, I think the most important fact to observe is that nearly half of all eligible voters in our country simply didn’t care enough to vote.

    I think that it has very little to do with the voters, and more with the capaign strategies and overall respectibility of the politicians themselves. They all seem to spend so much time telling us why NOT to vote for the other guys, without giving us much of a reason to vote for anyone else. This begs the obvious question; why vote at all?

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