Adventures in Science Talk #3

 A recap for those of you who have yet to attend one of our amazing lectures! 

Adventures in Science is a speaker series put on by the Biophysics Student Society. We are hosting researchers from all corners of science to come to UBC, on a bi-weekly basis, to share their knowledge, expertise and advice.    

Our first speaker was the ever energetic Jaymie Matthews who spoke about Canada’s MOST microsatellite in a most enthusiastic manner. His passion for astronomy and his ability to relate the complexities of the universe to Earth’s celebrities, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, had the whole audience laughing.
Jess Brewer was our second speaker whom I failed to blog about because I feared that my non-physics brain wouldn’t be able to do his work justice. His lecture on muon spin was over my head, but he was a very engaging speaker and many people remained after his lecture to chat with him. One thing that I did understand was the advice that he gave to students who are wondering what to do with their science degrees:
  1. Find out what it is that you can’t stand not to do, and do it.
  2. Have fun while you’re doing it.
  3. Learn to write. Take a creative writing class.
  4. Be active. Compete in athletics.
  5. Don’t follow the path. Pick something that no one else finds interesting (make sure they’re wrong) then get out before everyone else catches on.

Our next lecture is October 16th, TOMORROW at 1230 in the MSL Theatre. If physics didn’t interest you, I’m sure that Dr. Marco Marra and his lecture, Discovering Mutations in Cancer Cells, will. Marco Marra is the Director at the Genome Sciences Centre, a Senior Scientist at the BC Cancer Research Centre and a Medical Genetics prof at UBC. This is a lecture that you won’t want to miss! 

If you want to know more about Adventures in Science go to the website

Jess Brewer’s presentation is posted here.

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