Scientists: vote for the environment!

120 big names on the Canadian climate change research front (six of whom are at UBC) signed a letter last week urging Canadians to strategically vote for the environment.  The letter opens with:

We have been disturbed by what we perceive to be a lack of attention to the environment during this election campaign. While it’s clear the public accepts that global warming is a threat, it seems people have simply no idea how serious this issue is. Global warming is without a doubt the defining issue of our time, and we cannot let economic turmoil in the USA dissuade us from addressing the problem. Dealing with the environment means dealing with economics in a sustainable way.

…and ends with:

On the other hand, perhaps Canadians have decided that we owe nothing to future generations and that we don’t care about the future of modern civilisation. We, the undersigned, think we do care. In 2008, we urge Canadians to vote strategically for the environment.

Go read it already (here).

On a side note, I’m glad to see Canadian scientists are taking a more prominent stance, politically, in climate change policy.

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