Dave Ng is a scientist, not a political scientist, and doesn’t actually know too much about the candidates, but decides to review them anyway (Third: Elizabeth May)

ELIZABETH MAY: Ooh oh – I know this one: Something to do with the colour green. That’s right. Wasn’t she in Anne of Green Gables? “Oh Elizabeth May, I do believe that your frock is on backwards, which is not the impression of civility one wants to make in Cape Breton.” (or something like that). This is important, because I can’t remember if she was one of the nice ones in the show, or the girl who was basically a real bitch. That would make a big difference in whether I’d support her or not. Anyway, I’m a big fan of historical dramas which is great because at least someone will talk like they’re from a Jane Austen movie during the national debate.

So what do you think of the Green Party candidate?

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