Drinks! Vancouver! Blogs!

So I actually have a regular blogging gig at a site known as ScienceBlogs. It’s pretty vibrant as far as websites go, and essentially is where Seed magazine has done an excellent job in recruiting 70 or so blogs into a single consortium that takes pride in being a hub for “talking science”.

Anyway, I bring this up because Seed has sent some funding to myself and another UBC Scienceblogger (Jennifer over at Shifting Baselines) to treat folks to a beer or two.

So consider this an invite. We’ll be at Koerner’s pub this evening, from about 6pm on. Come on out on Seed’s dime – should be fun.

And just in case, you don’t know what we look like, Jennifer has her picture on her blog, and I look like this in the hands of a professional photographer (the columns are more apt to be upright in the hands of unprofessional photographers).

To give us a bit of a sense of the “how manys” it would be great if you can leave a comment below, or better yet, place a notch in our FaceBook event page.

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