Ted Talk: The real difference between conservatives and liberals.

Speaking of liberals and conservatives:

This TED talk by Jonathan Haidt provides an interesting insight into the moral psychology of liberals and conservatives.  For someone who hasn’t taken a single psychology course, his talk is very accessible (but you already knew that – it’s TED after all).  Haidt and coworkers surveyed 30,000+ folks online, and found…well, I don’t want to spoil the big C vs L question, but perhaps the most interesting part was that the results held for nearly every country/region they surveyed.

Check it out and talk amongst ya’selves.

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5 Responses to “Ted Talk: The real difference between conservatives and liberals.”

  1. David Ng

    Just embedded it. Weird actually, because I just copy paste… Maybe you have something set to pick up hyperlinks, which messes things up? (Does the same thing happen even with YouTube videos?)

  2. Dave Semeniuk

    Yes, I can’t embed anything (and never could here). Dave, you’ll have to check it out on your end (I don’t have access to those particular software options).

  3. David Ng

    Yeah, I’m thinking more about your computer is doing something too fancy. i.e. by default, it recognizes a link, and converts to a hyperlink (i.e. straight off “http://terry.ubc.ca” gets turned into code/gobbledygook to link to the same website). This would totally screw up the embed code.

  4. j k

    please provide text of quote and correct name of t’sen san? “[something] truth, be neither for nor against [something]”

    google did not help

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