Unemployment woes, Afghans sing

The ceremonies are over, the gowns are returned, photos developed and your parents aren’t that proud of you anymore. Now comes the time for many, many of us to sit down in front of the computer or hover that giant Sharpie pen over the newspaper, and look for someone who is brave enough to hire us. This post (and probably many more to come) is mostly a venting one I apologize, but whatever, I KNOW I’m not alone in these thoughts amongst UBC’ers.

I’m staring at my diploma and it doesn’t even highlight what my BA degree was in. Dear diploma, what good are you for?! I admit, I have harboured dreams of getting hired instantly now that a piece of cardboard certifies me as a bit smarter than a portion of people out there. Now I say to myself “YOU FOOL!”. To date, I haven’t heard a word from every little thing I’ve applied for. I can’t help but feel like someone stamped the letters “REJECT” on my forehead or as Helen Fielding brilliantly once put it – “Felt like me dad did when he put a cake into the Grafton Underwood fete and when he returned to it after the judging it had a note on saying, ‘Not up to Competition Standard.'” Anyway – tips or advice, readers? I’m hearing stuff about “Cold Resumes” where you randomly send in your CV/resume to organizations and companies basically to try your luck, and “informational interviews”. So much to learn…

I need a pick me up… hmmm YouTube time! If you don’t know by now, Afghan Idol is pretty amazing. It’s the type of development I could go for anytime.

Afghan Idol – part 1

PS: Vancouver barely makes any headlines whenever I hit Reuters (my homepage). But this bizarre bit of news about 4 different severed feet is starting to creep me out. Next up, 5th foot found on shores of Wreck Beach?

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Vivian is always a proud Hong Konger but true to Vancouver at heart. She has just about three months left at UBC and intends on making the best out of it. Besides International Relations and French, she mostly busies herself with traveling, food and everything about it. Be her e-Friend, s'il vous plait.