The Science Connection: singles need apply -or- You can’t make this stuff up.

– file this under “+1 for spectacular use of scientific language” –

I signed up for The Scientist a while back. Recently, I received this email:

And finding the world is a crowded petri dish?

It’s not always easy to find that certain person for a great symbiotic relationship. Enter Science Connection. The Scientist has partnered with Science Connection to offer our single readers of an intellectual bent a unique and open meeting place.

Join Science Connection today and meet other scientific professionals like you in a safe and specialized environment.

– Find a friend to meet at a scientific conference
– Meet a pen pal with similar interests
– Create a meaningful relationship…true love has been found in stranger places!

Given my inquisitive nature, I thought “Yea, I bet there are some total hott -er- Yea, I bet there are some kindred, thoughtful souls waiting out there – just for me.” After seeing two lonely, sullen scientists, sitting on the floor and scouring the internet for mates in their lab coats, I quickly went from aplomb to acrying from laughter*.

Please, check it out (or join for $60 a year!) – there are nearly 15,000 members. Yes, 15,000. Does anyone know where to find out how many scientists there are in Canada, the US, or the world? I know there are 45,000 members of the American Geophysical Union (a big deal union for any earth science-related field).

*Note: I don’t intend to sound facetious – love is a pretty serious thing after all, especially when you aren’t getting any.

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