Hurrah! It’s back! *SOSPICUH* is back!

I just couldn’t let this die.

Ladies and gents, esteemed Terry* readers, and internet goers directed here via Google: I invite all of you to take part in the fourth installment of Terry*’s Sunday Obscure Science Picture Caption Contest.

Here’s the deal – The New Yorker has a weekly cartoon caption contest where readers send in their own cartoon captions to a provided cartoon. The editors then choose three to be voted on by their readership. Given the often intriguing, historically significant, or just plain hilarious/bizarre nature of many old photographs with scientific content, I thought to myself, “Why the hell not do the same on Terry*?”

This installment features a rather large rocket – be sure to leave your witty, sciencetific comments below.

Geek on!

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Dave Semeniuk spends hours locked up in his office, thinking about the role the oceans play in controlling global climate, and unique ways of studying it. He'd also like to shamelessly plug his art practice:

6 Responses to “Hurrah! It’s back! *SOSPICUH* is back!”

  1. Dave Semeniuk

    “This is the biggest urinal I’ve ever used.”

  2. SorryBitGruesome

    Fred, what do you think they meant when they said, “You too can become biofuel.”

  3. Ivan

    Не скажите любое, но я буду шпионкой!

  4. Dave Semeniuk

    I attempted to translate Ivan’s comment in Babelfish – here it is:

    Do not say any, but I will be spy!


  5. Amanda

    Gee whiz Bill, it looked a lot smaller on Ebay!

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