Crew Sails To Giant Pacific Garbage Patch – or so they thought?

this is very rad

A group of online television folks decided, after having read all the news articles and seen all the mock-up drawings of the “texas-sized garbage island” in the Subtropical Pacific gyre, to actually go out there and find it.  So far, 9 of 12 episodes have been aired; here’s an excerpt from the latest one:

The whole thing is kind of just one big unfathomable bummer, I came out here expecting to see a trash dump, pieces in the water you could pull out, but instead what I got was an even ruder awakening.  Looking out right now you don’t see the garbage,sometimes you see shit float by, most of the time you don’t, you just see water.  But what’s in that water is fucking thousands of times worse than a coke bottle because its every part of a coke bottle busted down into little digestible morsels.

Check out the series here.

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