Repentence, Girl Guides, and Student Activism

Something funny happened this weekend.

repent poster

On Friday Dave, Allen, and Terry* were relaxing on top of the knoll, spreading the good word on sustainability et al.  Allen and a couple of students were discussing student activism on campus – he mentioned that, although student apathy is not a novel attitude among students, there has been a significant increase in student activism and participation in globally relevant issues over the past 2 decades or so.

Ok, that was just the Terry* relevant lead in I felt obligated to include before getting onto the sweet and savory stuff.  On Saturday, there were two men holding large protester signs at opposite corners of the north side of Burrard and Robson.  One man held the rhyming sign above, while the other’s wasn’t nearly as creative (you know, “Fear God! Avoid hell!”, etc.).  Anyways, they were preaching their book, telling us to stop consuming goods and consume Jesus instead (get it? I love puns).  However, I was busy consuming the delicious, audible tension:

  • Repent sinners!
  • Girl guide cookies!
  • There is only one true Lord, our savior
  • One box for only 3 dollars!
  • Heed his word, and avoid temptation!
  • Girl guide cookies!

Sharing the same beat were a troop of fund raising girl guides.  I commend them for sticking to it in face of opposition.


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