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From eco-travel to green weddings, the EPIC sustainable living expo is here this weekend. Green living is becoming big business. If you’ve got mixed feelings about it head down to the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre and check it out for yourself.
EPIC Sustainable Living Expo
In browsing the EPIC website last night, I found myself happily exploring several websites from the sponsors of the event. For example, I found, a directory of green businesses and sustainability-minded organizations. I was recently reading the Vanoc 2010 sustainability report and thinking to myself about a rating system (like green stars) for sustainability practices. Imagine a “better business bureau” style organization where you could look up your favorite company and get a rating of their green practices. I give 4 green stars to for taking a first step towards this, and well, because they’ve got a cute logo.

I also spent a bunch of time browsing the 1% For The Planet website last night. I’ve been thinking about social corporate responsibility lately, and seeing companies who pledge to donate 1% of their profits to “Keep Earth in Business” gives me hope. Finally, the EPIC folks connected me with the PROJECTing CHANGE film festival that’s happening May 8-11 at the Ridge Theatre. You can visit their booth at the EPIC expo and find out more about the 23 films from around the world on environmental + sustainable issues that they’ll be showing. All in all, it looks like the EPIC expo will be worth checking out this weekend.

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