ASIC 200 Final Exam Sample Questions!

OK, so these are not real, and probably belong on the ASIC 200 page, not the main Terry page. But what the heck!

For ASIC 200 students, these are examples of the kinds of questions you will encounter on the final exam for the social sciences and humanities section. Dave will be posting up some sample physical and life sciences questions as well.

Basically, we are looking at an exam divided into two parts, some science questions and some arts questions.

OK, here are the samples. And remember, they are only examples, so do not take them too literally!

Describe the factors which influence government policy (i.e. the domestic politics level) on climate change OR genetically modified organisms. In your view, which of these influences has the most impact on government policy?

Describe the central economic issues involved in the debate about climate change OR genetically modified organisms. In what ways is economics part of the problem, and part of the solution?

Are international treaties effective or ineffective as responses to global issues? Choose ONE international treaty discussed in class and reflect on its strengths and weaknesses. In your view what would need to be done to make the treaty you have chosen more effective?

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