Call For: Worst Humanities Jobs of 2008

Science isn’t all, “Ask a question, research your topic, formulate a hypothesis, test it, observe, and redefine it.” Practicing scientists and scientists-in-training have to deal with many daily unpleasantries, including:

  • Things that sting
  • Things that burn
  • Things that itch
  • Things that poison
  • Things that infect
  • Things that nauseate
  • Things that kill you
  • Things that don’t pay nearly well enough, and
  • Things they’d rather be doing right now (its a love-hate thing)

Popular Science has been publishing an annual list of the world’s worst jobs in science for years now, dedicated to “the men and women who do what no salary can adequately reward.”

I’m sure, given the opportunity, humanities and social scientists could muster up a similar list. So wudyasay clinical psychologists, media analysts, classicists, creative writers, economists, and political scientists? Show us your worst.

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