And The Bake For A Change Winners Are… (Hurrah!)


After 5 grueling weeks, our esteemed panel of judges has finally decided upon the winners of our inaugural Bake For A Change sustainable gingerbread house contest. Since our contest was meant to promote thinking on sustainability (rather than pit the best architects and designers in gingerbread land against each other), the entries were judged primarily on their creative incorporation of sustainable design elements into their houses.

However, who doesn’t like looking at pretty things? Hence, a small component of judging was entirely based on the personal preference of our four judges currently immersed in the field of sustainability:

  • John Robinson – Professor in the UBC Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
  • Charlene Easton – Director of the UBC Sustainability Office
  • Alison Aloisio – Sustainable buildings adviser, UBC Sustainability Office
  • Ray Cole – Professor & Director of UBC’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Now, without further adieu, the winners:

First Prize:
Maria Hawton-Mead and Gavin Harper

Four-Way Tie for Second (in no particular order)
Amy Cook and Jen Adams
Angie Weddell
Cristina Perdomo
Sara Mulhauser and Karen Mulhauser

All five winners will be receiving thoroughly fashionable Bake For A Change T-shirts, along with the bragging rights of being the sultans of sustainability in gingerbread land.

Given the immense support for the contest, Terry* has decided to make Bake For A Change an annual event. So next November, keep your eyes open, your rolling pin in hand, and a taste for a greener lifestyle in mind.

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