THANK YOU for writing this post…you are fast becoming my favourite blogger on this site!

As I reflected over a fragrant bowl of pho-and let me emphasize that the beef was practically bleeding when it arrived- these issues get so confusing so fast. What is the carbon footprint of my delectably bloody pho beef versus vegetables, which though they take less resources to grow, may have been imported from another continent? Or, are they from a light-polluting greenhouse in BC?

However I think the questions can become needlessly complicated when comparing one unsustainable behaviour to another. When we buy those adorable Starbuck’s mugs we compare them to paper cups, but we don’t compare them to drinking beverages at home, or sitting down in a cafe, or buying a used mug at Value Village, or drinking store coffee as a treat rather than a daily habit. Many of the “sustainable” decisions we try to make are based within our current consumer mentality-this is a far cry from the thrift mentality that I see in my grandparents, who grew up during the Depression. You don’t hem and haw over sugar packets when you haven’t bought so much as a new hat since the 80s, right?