The topic of Afghanistan – how with it are you?

For me, and by any standards, probably not as much as I should be. Which means there’s a real learning opportunity here. Lucky for me, next week is Afghanistan Week.

This is something that IRSA (or International Relations Student Association) is essentially championing. The blurb and menu of events reads as follows:

Dubbed by CIDA, International Development Week (IDW), is the signature week for Canadaís international development community, is celebrated each year during the first full week of February. The goal is to provide a unique opportunity for the Government of Canada, and Canadian organizations and individuals to show their challenges and successes in international development. IRSA is choosing to celebrate this by highlighting Canada’s on-going efforts to rebuild Afghanistan. Throughout the week, these events are designed to let students understand, explore and question the current mission by providing first-hand knowledge from those working directly in Afghanistan.

In partnership with:
Canadian International Development Agency
Department of National Defence

Sponsored by:
Arts Undergraduate Society
Michael Smith Laboratories

Afghan Photo Exhibit Tour

This is an initiative designed to demonstrate to Canadians the progress being made in Afghanistan by Canada using appealing, compelling photographs and informative captions. Come see the faces and the landscape of Afghanistan. All week long, February 4 – 8, an exhibition of photographs will be on display in the Meekison’s Arts Students Space in Buchanan D. The display is generously on loan to us from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the venue is provided by the Arts Undergraduate Society.

Dialogue with Major Tammy Tremblay

Visitng us at UBC, Major Tremblay will be discussing Canada’s mission in Afghanistan and in particular her experiences as the legal advisor of the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team from August 2006 to February 2007.

Wednesday, February 6, 12:30pm
Lecture Hall, Michael Smith Laboratories

Dialogue with Kevin Rex

Deployed to Kandahar last November, Kevin represented the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) at the Kandahar Airfield. In his role as Development Advisor ëDEVADí, as well as a stint as Political Advisor, he worked directly for the Commander of Joint Task Force Afghanistan, Major General Tim Grant. During our weekly meeting on Tuesday, he will be here to talk of his experiences in Afghanistan and the current developments going on in the region.

Tuesday, February 5, 12:30pm
Upper-Lounge, International House

So… how many of you non-IRSA types are going to go check this out?

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