Curious about strange studying habits: Anyone care to divulge?

Well, we’re pretty much full on into the exam period, and seeing students shuffle from one place to another (be it an exam or a library, etc) brings back some vague memories of my own undergrad (a long time ago, I actually lived at Totem Park). Anyway, I was a crammer, although not necessarily a good one. I remember chocolate covered coffee beans were a big thing and knew someone on my floor who (to blow off steam) would don a bedsheet like a cape and prance around shouting “I AM CAPTAIN PROCASTINATOR! I FEAR INORGANIC CHEM!”

Anyway, just wanted to send out a quick query to see if anyone wants to share any strange study habits or funny studying stories. Should be good for a laugh – and maybe to make this a little academic, if you could clarify whether you’re telling an anecdote about an Arts student or a Science student (or Applied Science, or Commerce, etc), then maybe we can look for a trend.

If you do play, pass it on – the more the merrier.

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