VANOC chose the cutest Olympic mascots

2010 Mascotts

Is it just me, or do these cute and lovable forest creatures remind you of a certain Spike and Mike’s cartoon festival favourite?

  • Sumi: A thunderbird that enjoys alpine skiing in Whistler
  • Quatchi: a Sasquatch (yes…)
  • Miga: a cute, huggable, dance-crazy, flying sea bear

The mascots are the creation of  Vancouver graphic designers Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy, who own Meomi Design. Vanoc says that although the two provided more than 20 different concepts, it was Quatchi, Miga and Sumi that they first proposed and were selected as winning designs.

The only major glitch in the design process was the discovery that an early name for Quatchi actually had a rude connotation in another language. Cobb wouldn’t say what the word was, but insisted Vanoc has carefully vetted all of the creatures’ names. He didn’t think “Sumi” would be parodied into “Sue Me.”


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12 Responses to “VANOC chose the cutest Olympic mascots”

  1. Kerrie

    Sumi: a co-opt/commodification of First Nations culture
    Quatchi: a perception that fake animals are more exciting than real ones.
    Miga: the graphic design committee abandoning all restraint

    Bah! HUMBUG!!!!!!

  2. nomorepc

    Canada trying to PC once again, makes me want to puke really.
    I do see these mascots selling well though and I guess that is the point.

  3. Gajan

    you guys are such downers. I personally am pretty happy they picked a sasquatch for the main mascot. At least it has something to do with the Vancouver area (unlike that horrible rock thing). I do wish they made it a bit more scarier though. I know the Olympics is all about togetherness and what not, but could Canada atleast try to strike a bit of fear into our opponents with a Sasquatch! so much wasted scary potential

  4. Kerrie

    Gajan, everyone knows the real mascot of Vancouver would be wearing a fleece vest from MEC, Lululemon yoga pants, and holding an environmentally responsible yet ridiculously expensive Starbuck’s mug.

    Maybe there would be a little mini-mascot eating organic gourmet babyfood in a trail running stroller too.

    While I’m being a big Scrooge here: “Downtown Eastside-are there no poorhouses?!?!?!”

  5. Churmy Fan

    Is it just me or do they look just like the Beijing Olympics mascots? And this relates to that Terry Pokemon thing. What is it about creatures that are hybrids of real animals that attract people so much? It’s giving kids a false sense of reality. Next thing you know, my 7-years-old sister will be asking me about the natural habitats of orca-bears and fuzzy-pawed birds.
    What exactly is Pikachu anyways? a rabbit? mouse? electric eel?

  6. Kerrie

    Maybe conscientious adults are raising the next generation of kids to not have attachments to specific species.

    “Sorry baby, I know you love spirit bears, but their habitat was in the way of Mommy and Daddy’s suburban lifestyle!”

  7. Sugarlab

    I think they’re great. Give me a break, they’re for the Olympics. Sweet, innocuous, fun creatures. Entirely on message for a family friendly event promoting togetherness and all that crap. Why does everyone have to be such fun sponges these days? Good grief.

  8. Eric Bailey

    @Churmy Fan: “What exactly is Pikachu anyways?” Really? People still don’t get that pokemon are pokemon, not animals? Pikachu is a pikachu. It’s really not any more complicated than that. Stop overthinking everything and just enjoy the cute cartoony characters. Sheesh.

  9. mr.x

    Before anyone criticizes these mascots, Google the following mascots of previous Olympics:

    – Torino 2006
    – Athens 2004
    – Nagano 1998
    – Torino 2006
    – Lillehammer 1994
    – Albertville 1992

    Olympic mascots (and logos) have always been a controversial issue to the host region, but surely you can agree that the 2010 trio mascots are much better than most Olympic mascots over the last two decades.

    I absolutely love Miga, Sumi, Quatchi, and Mukmuk.

  10. Chelsea

    Is pikachu meant to be like a Pika? That make just be a coincidence. And yep, I don’t see the point on dwelling negatively on these mascots, there are much more valid reasons to be skeptical of the Olympics.

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