VANOC chose the cutest Olympic mascots

2010 Mascotts

Is it just me, or do these cute and lovable forest creatures remind you of a certain Spike and Mike’s cartoon festival favourite?

  • Sumi: A thunderbird that enjoys alpine skiing in Whistler
  • Quatchi: a Sasquatch (yes…)
  • Miga: a cute, huggable, dance-crazy, flying sea bear

The mascots are the creation of  Vancouver graphic designers Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy, who own Meomi Design. Vanoc says that although the two provided more than 20 different concepts, it was Quatchi, Miga and Sumi that they first proposed and were selected as winning designs.

The only major glitch in the design process was the discovery that an early name for Quatchi actually had a rude connotation in another language. Cobb wouldn’t say what the word was, but insisted Vanoc has carefully vetted all of the creatures’ names. He didn’t think “Sumi” would be parodied into “Sue Me.”


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